At Legacy Labs we are a small family breeder, we believe in breeding for quality not quantity. We breed for confirmation and most of all temperament. We typically have a few litters a year and we strive to find all of our pups wonderful loving homes! Most of our pups go to companion and family homes. All of our puppies have championship bloodlines. Labradors have been in our families for generations and we believe that they are the best breed. After all they have been ranked the #1 most popular breed for 24 years.

We got our first lab pup in 2004, a wonderful yellow male named Baxter. Baxter helped my family through a lot and he put up with a lot from our family. Including the birth of my little brother, Tyce. We knew having a lab was the best option for our family, especially since we now had a baby in the house. Baxter let Tyce crawl all over him, use him as a stool and when the time came a walker, and he took lots of long naps along side him. When I turned 17 I went out on a search for a pup of my own, I knew I wanted a English lab but I didn’t know how hard it would be so hard to find one. I realized that most breeders don’t prioritize their dogs or puppies nor do they take the health and temperament of the dam and sire into consideration before breeding. A wonderful temperament as well as good health was very important to me. I ended up finding my sire, Coal BunnyDel Moon. Coal has championship bloodlines and his family health history is all documented. He has a wonderful calm temperament as well as the sweetest puppy dog eyes. After my search for my pup ended I decided to start breeding so that other family’s could have thier own little Coal’s. In 2017 my parents and I started Legacy Labradors.

A few of Canela's puppies playing around!

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The puppies are 3 months old. Those who share their homes with our puppies often describe them as intelligent and loyal, and, above all, possessing the desire to please their owners. Lab's are great with children and well-mannered in the home. Labs are an exceptionally obedient dog.